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Latest News !

During two Porsche engine builds we discovered a viable way to recondition Alusil cylinder bores as used in engines like the Porsche 944 Turbo. Alusil bores can't be bored in the conventional manner due to the presence of silicon in the aluminium. We need to assess your engine block for wear or damage before we decide to etch the cylinders in readiness for new piston rings. This has to be done to allow the rings to bed in properly, thus sealing the cylinders and restoring compression. For an additional labour charge we can restore piston ring gaps to minimum factory specifications using aftermarket 'file fit' piston rings and then fit them to your pistons. Inspection and assessment costs £50. Etching the cylinders is £75 per cylinder and there is a charge of £40 for block cleaning after treatments. Piston ring prices vary depending on type, £200 is a maximum price for Total Seals, Porsche items are cheaper. We can also provide lighter weight piston pins with taper walls for £25 each. This work can be carried out on other Alusil engines such as Lexus, BMW and Mercedes subject to inspection and final costing.
Last Year's News.

The Marcos LM500 project has finished. This has had a bespoke engine build/conversion to a 4.8 Rover instead of the 4.6 originally supplied by Marcos. It's been fitted with some quality internals, it's also been fitted with a Rotrex Supercharger so should be reasonably quick!

We have several Chevrolet LSx 7.0l/427 engine builds in progress. Not stock ls7's but much better, being hybrids. We are using Darton MID engine blocks for both conversions. To further improve the specification we're fitting the very best custom lightweight forged cranks, true billet titanium rods (not ls7 forgings) and custom forged pistons instead of the weaker cast ls7 items. One of the engines will be installed into a Cobra and will be normally aspirated to save the gearbox. The other engine is being fitted with turbochargers on our custom lsx manifolds and will be installed into a Vauxhall Monaro.

The Cosworth 24v Twin turbo track car has completed a seasons racing and set some commendable lap times around the country. It's TVR Tasmin chassis has been tweaked and this is now the quickest Tasmin racing at the moment. Whether to jump up a class and race 'boost unlimited' with over 500hp next season has yet to be decided. Or, the car may be sold/leased to a new driver for 2007.

Cosworth 24v Turbo development continues. We're happy with our bottom end conversions and with the endurance girdle securing the mainbearing caps (proven on the track cars). Now it's time for serious head modifications. These engines in boosted guise are crying out for bigger exhaust valves and we've sourced them! Our aim will be to beat the impressive bhp figures set by the TT Minker Sierra over a decade ago but we want to do it at a fraction of the cost. It's a hard target to beat and the development engine needs over 650 hp to be in with a chance!
LS1 Exhaust headers for sale!

We secured a number of the hydroformed Corvette stainless steel 4 into 1 headers. These fit close to the block and could be adapted to mate with an existing system. Being double skinned construction the cats will heat up quicker and there will be less heat in the engine bay. These are only £145 per pair!
Boost Performance are pleased to announce that we are official Darton LSX agents for the UK and Scandinavia. We can custom build maximum effort, high strength Darton based engines of 427 ci and above. We can fit these with LS7 heads and our own LS7 intake manifolds for turbo or n/a applications. More detailed info about the Darton MID product can be found within these pages.

The 24v trackcar is being held back to 6 lbs of boost due to class restrictions but at 7000 rpm it's making over 320 bhp. When the season finishes we may do a power run up to 20 psi.
The Cosworth v6 24v Turbo exhaust manifolds are completed. We offer a single Turbo manifold or a pair for Twin Turbo applications. Blockhugger N/A versions are also available for use in tight installations. Special order only.

More 24v developments are under way including our integral billet girdle for the main bearing caps/sump. We use this on the race car. Look for a sump pic on the 24v pages.

Our Cosworth v6 24v Turbo MK2 plenum is ready. It's versatile and can also be used naturally aspirated. Let the engine breath, see the pic's later. We can make it into a twin plenum item and fit twin throttles if required. The race engine is still pulling strong at 7000 rpm and bhp is still climbing past that point.
Our Mk2 'High Port' Rover V8 turbo exhaust manifolds are completed for twin or single turbo applications. See the pic's!
See our new custom designed Zetec Turbo Exhaust manifold for single or twin turbo configuration on the Zetec page.
Coming soon LS1 Aluminium intake manifolds. Several exciting designs offer flexibility for the aftermarket engine installation and we may be including one of them with our engine packages!

LS1, we're fitting different internal crankshaft ignition trigger wheels to allow the use of mappable engine management with launch and traction control whilst retaining the GM sensor position for factory reliability. What's more, our engines are being supplied with this fitment and the ecu at no extra cost!
Coming soon, Forged low compression turbo pistons for the Ford Cosworth 2.9, 24 valve engine.